Paleo Recipe Book Review

Paleo Recipe Book Review – A Paleo Cookbooks Review

This site is dedicated to new product called Paleohacks Cookbook. This is the cookbook or recipe book on the paleo diet. The paleo diet is one of the most popular diets in our time, and it is based on the diet of our “caveman” Paleolithic ancestors, before the introduction of agriculture.

Why before the introduction of agriculture? The meaning of the paleo diet and lifestyle that many of the conditions that hinder our time may be associated with grain carbohydrates and sugars in the diet. Obesity is far too prevalent in our time and circulated around the epidemic. There’s no mystery why this happens. The average diet is loaded with carbohydrates and sugars that the body can use for energy. The result is an increase in body fat, which in turn leads to heart disease, diabetes and many other health conditions.

Paleo Recipe Book Review

Aside from the excess body fat and those conditions, there are a number of autoimmune conditions that are strongly connected to grains. Many people have wheat allergies and gluten intolerance. These foods create a state of inflammation in many people which may result in many serious health disorders. By eliminating these foods, many people experience an improvement in health.

Most people that stick to the diet, report leaner bodies, freedom from chronic health problems, better cognitive abilities, more energy, improved sex, improved sleep and many more benefits. In short, they feel and look great. is an online resource for the Paleo diet and lifestyle. There are thousands of members of this website and for years they have been posting valuable information on the Paleo diet. The members include health professionals, chefs, fitness coaches and many other people from all walks of life. It is indeed a one stop guide to the Paleo lifestyle. Over the years along with other important information, there has accumulated a wealth of recipes. These recipes have been tried and tested by thousands of members. It is therefore fitting that one of the most impressive collections of Paleo foods has come from this resource.

Paleohacks cookbook is actually a collection of books, as at this time, you get five bonus books along with the main cookbook. The main goal of Paleohacks Cookbook is to walk the reader step by step, into the Paleo diet. It promises to make you an expert in Paleo in just a few weeks, and it promises to treat you to some of the most delicious foods youve ever prepared.

Paleohacks Cookbookitself contains over one hundred tried and tested Paleo recipes. These include lunches, appetizers, full meals and desserts. It takes you step by step from purchasing the ingredients, to preparing the meal.

One of the bonus books is a 30 day quickstart guide to help you jump as quickly as possible into the Paleo lifestyle. It helps you understand what you need to do, what foods you need to buy, and gets you started right away cooking simple Paleo meals.


paleohacks paleo cookbookAnother useful book included with the collection is Paleo 4X. This is a book of recipes that only require four ingredients. This is very useful for those with a busy schedule. It makes it easy to create tasty meals
without complicated ingredients and preparation.

There is also a Paleo food guide included to make it easy to buy the best quality foods for your Paleo recipes. It informs you of the best types of foods and where to purchase them. It is in effect a grocery list for your Paleo food creations.

In addition there is a guide to dining out while maintaining your Paleo diet. It tells you how and where to enjoy Paleo foods while dining out.

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